Gender Pay Gap Report

March 2024


As Hales Group Limited employs more than 250 people we are required by law to publish an annual gender pay gap report showing the average difference in female earnings compared to average male earnings over a standard time period, regardless of role seniority, based on the mean and median statistical data.

Mean is the average amount between men and women’s pay taken as a snapshot on the 5th of April every year, with the mean bonus being the total of all bonuses paid in that year.
In simple terms, if we add together all our male employee data and calculate the average, then add together all the female employee data and calculate the average, the mean pay gap (as a %) is the difference in pay between the two.

This is our report for the snapshot date of 5 April 2023.
Median is the midpoint of all the data; if all our male employees and all our female employees stood in a line, in order of the lowest hourly rate, the median pay gap (as a %) is the difference in pay between the middle salary on both genders.

Whilst Hales Group are an entirely inclusive organisation and do not discriminate based on gender identity during our selection or promotion procedures, there is currently no mechanism within Gender Pay Gap reporting, to analyse or report on other gender identities outside of Male and Female.

Hales Group’s overall workforce continues to consist of significantly more females than males. This profile reflects industry trends for care delivery and administrative staff within the health and social care sector being predominantly female.

Our gender pay gap results should be considered in the context of this, as the predominance of females to males has an influence on our overall gender pay gap figures.

Please note, the Gender Pay Gap is different to Equal Pay – Equal Pay deals with the difference between men and women who carry out the same role, similar job, or work of equal value.

2023 gender pay gap table - hales group
We are fully committed to improving the gender diversity in our business. As a home healthcare provider offering flexible, part time working opportunities, a high proportion of our workforce continues to be women. Equality in all forms is important to us and we continue to explore new ways to increase our male workforce, especially in frontline care delivery roles.

How we will address our Gender Pay Gap
• Introduce a Diversity, Equality and Inclusion forum who will provide insight and act as a voice for the workforce on inclusivity matters.

• Continue to conduct workshops to all levels of the workforce on diversity and inclusion, covering the key concepts and importance of equity initiatives in our group.

• Ensure that all job adverts and descriptions are values based, using unbiased language to encourage a diverse applicant pool within our company.

• Ensuring a gender balance in all working groups, forums, and panels e.g. award evaluation panels

• Provide leadership training and guidance for all line managers on the menopause, the symptoms, how menopause can affect women at work and how to provide support to employees.

• Consider gender issues when considering changes to Uniforms, the supply of PPE and welfare factors which could impact one gender more than another.

Overall summary
At Hales Group Limited, everyone is paid for the role they have in the team and for their performance in that role. No other factors affect an employee’s remuneration. Hales is an Equal Pay employer – men and women performing equal work receive equal pay.

The results of our gender pay gap analysis are extremely positive once again this year, and we will strive to maintain these results by continually applying diversity, inclusion, and equality initiatives.

I confirm that Hales Group Limited is committed to the principle of gender pay equality and has prepared its 2023 gender pay gap results in line with mandatory requirements.

I confirm that the information in this statement is accurate.

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Nicola Mewse Group Managing Director

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