When’s The Best Time Of The Year To Start A New Job?

02 January

As the new year approaches, that old cliché comes into play yet again – “new year, new me!”. Whether it’s a new attitude to your style, habits, weight or anything else, people deem it the perfect time to set those resolutions and make a fresh start. But is it the best time of year to look for a new job?

Perhaps from a psychological standpoint, it’s a great time. New beginnings and outlooks symbolically have a lot to do with our calendar; no matter how arbitrary a concept that calendar may actually be! Statistically, too, it’s something a lot of people challenge themselves to do in time for a new year.

However, as January is such a quiet month for many businesses after a Christmas rush, and conversely such an exceptionally busy time for others (for example those who need to do extensive planning at this time), hiring may be the last thing on these people’s minds. Temporary workers hired over the holiday period will likely take precedence anyway! Saying that, however, it is important to note that some employers may also look on this time as a good time to make some changes, and therefore it is ALWAYS worth looking. Now, as for some tips as to the actual best time, you should follow these two simple bits of advice first:

1. Look At The Right Time For Your INDUSTRY.
Some lines of work will always be hiring, but others may be more seasonal. Most retailers, for example, will hire extra people around Christmas on a temporary basis, and then when demand crashes once again after the peak, will have to let these trained people go. For this reason, January might not be the right time to look for retail work! Other industries might thrive more in the summer, and so in the same manner, you should prepare to sell yourself leading up to those months.

2. Look At The Right Time For YOU.

Sadly, there is no real ‘right time’ to look for a new position, but moving on from your current role can be something you need to do for a multitude of personal reasons. There’s no point staying in a job you hate, for example, so when you’ve tried your best and still gaining nothing, it’s time to look elsewhere! Some people look when they are changing location or even looking to get back into the workforce entirely after an absence. In these cases, you ought to plan ahead so you’re not left stuck longer than you want to be. You should look at a time where you’re confident in your financial position, the amount of experience gained, and the amount of work available at the time. Don’t settle for less than what you think you deserve! Update your CV now, keep an eye on what’s going on out there and don’t make any excuses as to the ‘right time’ – it’s now.

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