Life After Lockdown

Thank you to all our clients for taking the time to complete our Life After Lockdown surveys. Your feedback has directly helped us and others to understand how Covid-19 affected businesses and their employees as well as how they can move forward.

Hales Group will continue to offer support and information to all businesses and through regular surveys and industry information we will keep you up to date with the latest and upcoming topics that matter. If there is a particular subject you would like for us to cover or you have a question you would like us to ask our business network please email

Kirsty Walpole, Managing Director – Employment Services said:

“After receiving a large number of questions from our client base, we wanted to reach out to the business community and create a network of information that could be shared and utilised by all. With over 180 businesses participating, we couldn’t be happier with the support we have received. The results have been extremely useful and we hope you find them as beneficial as we have.”

Life After Lockdown 1.0 Survey Results

Life After Lockdown 3.0 Survey Results