Colin Bloom, Managing Director

05 October

Name: Colin Bloom
Job Title: Managing Director
Company: Ice Watch Ltd.
Business Sector: Facilities Management

Why did you choose Hales Recruitment?
A Recruitment Consultant from Hales called on us one day and introduced herself and Hales. She explained the service they offered and how they would make a difference for my business. Proactivity goes a long way in my book so the next time we had a vacancy we called the team at Hales. The businesses continuing excellent service makes them our recruitment company of choice.

Describe Hales’ process of working with you…
The Hales Recruitment Consultant frequently calls our team to discuss how we are progressing, whether we have any requirements, and how those recently joined staff are settling in and progressing within our organisation. With Hales, there is a genuine effort to look after us and our needs. Hales Recruitment Consultant also regularly chat to our employees, finding out if they are happy, discuss any concerns and to generally make sure the employer/employee relationship they have positioned continues to thrive and grow.

What solution did Hales provide?
Hales always provide staff with an excellent fit to our style and corporate culture. This is a result of fully understanding our business, our staff as a unit, and matching the candidates to our profile.

How would you describe the overall service Hales provided you?
Excellent. Recruitment can be a difficult thing for small businesses without an HR department but Hales remove that problem. They are like our own in-house HR team.

Have there been any stand-out moments during your working relationship?
Every successful recruitment is a stand out moment. Hales never let us down. We always get a good selection of applicants and we are always confident that at least one (but usually many more) will turn out to be the right person to fill the position. If I had to single out one moment it was finding our Business Development Manager. He is top quality in a really difficult position to fill.


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